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22 Sep

Webinar Beneficial Use of Sediment as a resource

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22 Sep 2021 16:00 - 17:00 (CET)

Sediment is still perceived, and often regulated, as waste. However, it should be considered and treated as a key natural resource, given its central role in ecosystem services and human activities. Beneficially using and managing sediment as a scarce and precious resource is thus one of present days’ greatest challenges as well as greatest opportunities, to achieve sustainable development. 
Beneficial use of sediment (BU) represents a key priority area of Deltares Sustainability Strategic Research Program. This program includes the development, quantification and mainstreaming of sustainable solutions focusing on natural and delta-related resources. BU is fundamentally related with Nature-based Solutions and intrinsically circular, both key topics of the Sustainability Program. 

This webinar will provide three examples of latest BU development at Deltares: ripening of dredge material into dike clay; measurement of greenhouse gasses (GHG) for sediment; accelerating dewatering through worms. The webinar will link research to applications, highlighting their societal impact.




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Presentations of program:

DSD-INT 2021 | Video - Beneficial Use of Sediment as a resource
DSD-INT 2021 | Video - Beneficial Use of Sediment as a resource
 >  Luca Sittoni, Ebi Meshkati, Miguel Angel de Lucas and Stefan Jansen (Deltares)