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18 Nov

Delft3D User Days - 3D Hydrodynamics

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18 Nov 2020 16:00 - 17:30 (CET)
User Days

The Delft3D FM Suite is designed to numerically model processes in the coastal zone. However, often local conditions strongly depend on the proper resolution of larger-scale 3-dimensional circulation patterns of the surrounding environment. The lack of appropriate boundary conditions often requires models to extend beyond the coastal zone and the shelf into deep waters. While an advantage of such approach is that the model becomes less dependent on the accuracy of the boundary conditions, the model also requires additional skill to internally resolve the complex interactions between the ocean and coastal environments. Moreover, the prescription of open boundary conditions requires a level of understanding of the ocean circulation forcing models used and their possible gaps.

In this session, we present several cases where Delft3D FM is used to model regional scale 3D hydrodynamics at several locations in the world. The smart grid resolution capabilities of the Delft3D FM Suite enable the design of efficient models that cover such large areas, extending into the deep ocean and taking into account deep ocean sea level, density and current dynamics.  Model cases will be presented at various geographical locations with different hydrodynamic characteristics, including the findings, achievements and unresolved challenges associated with modelling of each of these cases using our Delft3D FM Suite.

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Presentations of program:

DSD-INT 2020 | Video - Delft3D User Days - 3D Hydrodynamics
DSD-INT 2020 | Video - Delft3D User Days - 3D Hydrodynamics
 >  Reimer de Graaff, Maialen Irazoqui, Stendert Laan and Theo van der Kaaij (Deltares)