Delft Software Days - Edition 2017 - Presentations

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Symposium on catchment hydrology and WFlow - Tuesday 24 October
Delft-FEWS - International User Days - Wednesday 25 October
Delft-FEWS - International User Days - Thursday 26 October
River Basin Planning and Modelling symposium - Wednesday 25 October
Symposium Knowledge and Innovation for Decision Making - Friday 27 October
Delft3D - User Days (Day 1: Hydrodynamics) - Monday 30 October
Delft3D - User Days (Day 2: Sediment transport and morphology) - Tuesday 31 October
iMOD International User Day - Tuesday 31 October
Delft3D - User Days (Day 3: Water quality and ecology) - Wednesday 1 November
XBeach X (10th Year Anniversary) Conference - Wednesday 1 November
XBeach X (10th Year Anniversary) Conference - Thursday 2 November
XBeach X (10th Year Anniversary) Conference - Friday 3 November
Symposium Earth Observation and Data Science - Thursday 2 and Friday 3 November

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Delft-FEWS - International User Days - Wednesday 25 October

DSD-INT 2017 International collaboration within the Delft-FEWS system for the Sava basin - Sarac

DSD-INT 2017 Linking rainfall recharge models with groundwater models in NGMS - Farrell

DSD-INT 2017 Delft-FEWS using computational resources of the cloud - How

DSD-INT 2017 Optimizing water quantity and quality with RTC-Tools 2 - Zwan

Delft-FEWS - International User Days - Thursday 26 October

DSD-INT 2017 ML-based Flood Forecasting Systems in Data-Scarce Regions - Nevo

DSD-INT 2017 Delft-FEWS new features, what's coming - Ververs

DSD-INT 2017 Water level predictions for the German North Sea coast - Stockmann

DSD-INT 2017 Operating the Tennessee River with Delft-FEWS - Miller

DSD-INT 2017 Pre-operational probabilistic water-level forecasting with FEWS-BfG - Klein

DSD-INT 2017 Urban flood forecasting in central Shanghai (Pudong Area) - Zhang

River Basin Planning and Modelling symposium - Wednesday 25 October

DSD-INT 2017 Establishing Integrated Water Resources Management for River Basins Planning guidelines - Ter Maat

DSD-INT 2017 River Basin Simulation Model RIBASIM Developments - Van der Krogt

DSD-INT 2017 Introduction to computational frameworks Example Ganga Basin - Van der Vat

DSD-INT 2017 Basin Water Resources Management Planning in Indonesia - Hendarti

DSD-INT 2017 Connecting ecology and water allocation - Chrzanowski

DSD-INT 2017 Collaborative modelling game Introduction - Warren

DSD-INT 2017 Use of RIBASIM in Lesotho - Passchier

DSD-INT 2017 Introduction to River Basin Simulation RIBASIM - Van der Krogt

Symposium Knowledge and Innovation for Decision Making - Friday 27 October

DSD-INT 2017 Rising seas, intensifying weather extremes and increasing impacts - Vousdoukas

DSD-INT 2017 Big data and ICT revolution for water management - Icke

DSD-INT 2017 Experiences and innovative approaches in the Delta Program - van Alphen, Blaas

DSD-INT 2017 - Coastal Hazards Adaptation Resiliency - San Francisco Bay region, USA - Saleh

DSD-INT 2017 Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 - Prediction of Morphological Evolution of the Meghna & Meta-modelling for decision support - Khan

DSD-INT 2017 Meta-modelling for decision support - Van Deursen

DSD-INT 2017 Assessing Critical Infrastructure - Cascading Impacts in Manzese Dar es Salaam - Vaidya

Delft3D - User Days (Day 1: Hydrodynamics) - Monday 30 October

DSD-INT 2017 Vegetated Flow Simulation using Delft3D for a Large-scale Outdoor Flume Experiment- Ji

DSD-INT 2017 Delft3D FM - validation of hydrodynamics (1D,2D,3D) - van Dam

DSD-INT 2017 Delft3D FM hydrodynamic and morphological modelling, Waal River, The Netherlands - van Weerdenburg

DSD-INT 2017 Lake Kivu - Development of a 3D (500 z-layers) model to study stratification, methane entrapment and deep currents in a volcanic lake in the Great Rift Valley - Tiessen

DSD-INT 2017 Docker, Compute as a Service (CaaS) and beyond - Van Gils

DSD-INT 2017 Run your hydro model quickly and easily in a sustainable cloud with up to 50% lower costs - Leupe

DSD-INT 2017 Moth plant dispersion Modelling based on synoptic weather pattern dependent island connectivity - van Diemen

DSD-INT 2017 The omnipotent river manager - automated intervention planning and evaluation using RiverScape and D-Flow FM - Straatsma

DSD-INT 2017 Participatory Modelling and Mapping for Flood Risk Management, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania - Gebremedhin

DSD-INT 2017 Delft3D FM Suite - the next steps - Melger

Delft3D - User Days (Day 2: Sediment transport and morphology) - Tuesday 31 October

DSD-INT 2017 Dynamics of dredged sediment upon discharge in the North Sea - Schuurman

DSD-INT 2017 Morphological river modelling in Ecuador, using Delft3D FM - Becker

DSD-INT 2017 Coastal morphology change predictions during Hurricane Ike in Galveston, Texas, USA - Penko

DSD-INT 2017 Accounting for non-uniform sediment in morphodynamic modelling - Chavarrias

DSD-INT 2017 Predicting evolution of bathymetry at Duck, NC - Veeramony

DSD-INT 2017 Drivers of estuarine sand and mud dynamics, the example of the Weser estuary - Zorndt

DSD-INT 2017 Modelling net-deposition of cohesive sediments within the ETM of the Weser estuary - Hesse

DSD-INT 2017 Biogeomorphodynamics of rivers, estuaries and their floodplains - Kleinhans

DSD-INT 2017 Long-term morphodynamics of muddy backbarrier basins - Canestrelli

DSD-INT 2017 Delft3D FM - validation of morphology (2D) and waves (2D) functionality - Gawehn

iMOD International User Day - Tuesday 31 October

DSD-INT 2017 Assessing Consequences of Forecasted Groundwater Demand for Shale Gas - Parks

DSD-INT 2017 Recent iMOD-SEAWAT-MT3D developments - Oude Essink

DSD-INT 2017 Groundwater in Global Hydrology - Bierkens

DSD-INT 2017 The Netherlands Hydrological Instrument - the next step in the Dutch approach - Dunsbergen

DSD-INT 2017 Groundwater assessment of the Basin of Mexico - a Resilient Water System for Xochimilco - Valenzuela

DSD-INT 2017 Delft-FEWS, RIBASIM & iMOD in India - Roelofsen, Hegnauer

DSD-INT 2017 Contaminant transport modelling in the Port of Rotterdam - development of a mega site approach - Meertens, De Doelder

DSD-INT 2017 Groundwater system analysis using isotope measurement data, San José, Costa Rica - Gómez Castro

DSD-INT 2017 New features in iMOD for the dissemination of geological models at the AGS, Alberta - MacCormack, Parks

DSD-INT 2017 Geomodelling in iMOD using Voxels - Vermeulen

DSD-INT 2017 Integrating various data types when building a 3D model of the subsurface on a local scale - Hijma

DSD-INT 2017 Enhanced parameterization for the Horizontal Flow Barrier package - Van der Hauw

DSD-INT 2017 The extended iMOD water balance tool; a cooperation of Deltares & Tauw - Kok

DSD-INT 2017 The unsaturated zone MetaSWAP-package, recent developments - Van Walsum

DSD-INT 2017 Summary closing remarks & planned releases - Minnema

Delft3D - User Days (Day 3: Water quality and ecology) - Wednesday 1 November

DSD-INT 2017 - Delft3D - Water Quality and Ecological Modeling Symposium - From science to society - Villars

DSD-INT 2017 Coupled physical – ecological models to assist assessment of effects of sand mining along the Dutch coast - van Duren

DSD-INT 2017 Coupling 3D models and earth observation to develop algae forecasting services - Dionisio Pires

DSD-INT 2017 Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water (DCWW) and water quality models using the Delft3D FM Suite - Alvarez

DSD-INT 2017 Tracking of red tide movement in Hong Kong waters - Wong

XBeach X (10th Year Anniversary) Conference - Wednesday 1 November

DSD-INT 2017 Introduction to the XBeach X conference - Van Dongeren

DSD-INT 2017 XBeach Past, Present and Future _Keynote - Roelvink

DSD-INT 2017 Breaching of coastal defences under extreme storm surges - El Sayed

DSD-INT 2017 Evaluating Storm Erosion with XBeach on beaches protected by submerged structures - Yates

DSD-INT 2017 Understanding the Response to Extreme Events in a Delt...

DSD-INT 2017 Simulating Accretion and Cusp Formation at Nha Trang Beach, Vietnam - Daly

DSD-INT 2017 Morphodynamic analysis of intervention scenarios at the Belgian coast under the masterplan Flemish Bays - Kolokythas

DSD-INT 2017 Using XBeach to train a Bayesian network for coastal hazard predictions and Disaster Risk Reduction evaluation. A case (Ria Formosa) - Plomaritis

DSD-INT 2017 Bayesian network approach for climate change and drr scenarios' testing - Duo

DSD-INT 2017 Research and decision support applications of XBeach at the USGS _Keynote - Long

DSD-INT 2017 Ocean wave spectra from phase averaged models and remote sensing - Ardhuin

DSD-INT 2017 Breaking bar migration induced by infragravity waves - Michallet

DSD-INT 2017 Integrated morphological modelling by coupling XBeach ...

DSD-INT 2017 Rip current generation from intersecting waves: Laboratory experiments and XBeach modelling - Garnier

DSD-INT 2017 Energy transfers and reflection of infragravity waves at a dissipative beach under extreme storm conditions - De Bakker

XBeach X (10th Year Anniversary) Conference - Thursday 2 November

DSD-INT 2017 Keynote: Coastal Inundation Hazards on Fringing Coral Reefs and Atoll Motu of the South Pacific - Bosserelle

DSD-INT 2017 Infragravity Wave Modelling Over A Steep Rocky Bathymetry - Dodet

DSD-INT 2017 XBeach application of coral reef-lined coasts - Van Dongeren

DSD-INT 2017 Wave-Induced Reef Barrier Currents, XBeach Simulation vs Field Measurements - Sous

DSD-INT 2017 Nonhydrostatic And Surfbeat Model Predictions For Extreme Wave Run-Up In Fringing Reef Environments - Lashley

DSD-INT 2017 Beware: Bayesian Estimation Of Wave Attack In Reef Environments - Pearson

DSD-INT 2017 A Metamodel To Estimate Run-Up Along Coral Reef-Lined Shorelines - Rueda

DSD-INT 2017 The Difference In Runup Predictions Between XBeach Non_Hydrostatic And XBeach Surfbeat - De Beer

DSD-INT 2017 Keynote: XBeach-Nonhydrostatic: Towards The Development Of A Phase-Resolving Morphodynamic Model - McCall

DSD-INT 2017 Non-Hydrostatic Wave Modeling Of Coral Reefs With The Addition Of An In-Canopy Model - De Ridder

DSD-INT 2017 Coupling XBeach-G And Longshore Sediment Transport To Model Storm Response Under Varying Wave Directions - Bergilios

XBeach X (10th Year Anniversary) Conference - Friday 3 November

DSD-INT 2017 Keynote: towards using XBeach in the Dutch formal assessment of flood defences in 2023 - Slomp, Lodder

DSD-INT 2017 Coastal safety assessment of the Belgian coast with state-of-the art numerical models - Bodde

DSD-INT 2017 Sea level rise impacts the nearshore wave climate and dune erosion - De Winter

DSD-INT 2017 Defining time-dependent hydraulic boundary conditions for the analysis of the climate variability of extremes of coastal flooding - Mendez et al.

DSD-INT 2017 Washover processes at the Wadden Island of Schiermonnikoog, The Netherlands: Field data and XBeach modeling - Wesselman

DSD-INT 2017 An analysis of the morphodynamic acceleration technique (MorFac) - Borsboom

DSD-INT 2017 Keynote: Modelling Morphodynamic Impacts of Storm Clusters - Karunarathna

DSD-INT 2017 Non-hydrostatic wave modelling at West Bay Harbour UK - Klein et al.

DSD-INT 2017 Contribution of IG waves to local runup and flooding Beach of Biarritz - Morichon

DSD-INT 2017 Infragravity Period Oscillations In A Channel Harbor Near A River Mouth - Bellafont

Symposium Earth Observation and Data Science - Thursday 2 and Friday 3 November

DSD-INT 2017 The use of big data for dredging - De Boer

DSD-INT 2017 Aqueduct Global Flood Analyzer 2.0 - Winsemius

SD-INT 2017 Planetary-scale surface water detection from space - Donchyts

DSD-INT 2017 From space to the street, community participation for a high resolution terrain model - Haag

DSD-INT 2017 A stroll through the European marine data landscape the role of EMODnet - Martín Míguez

DSD-INT 2017 Open-access Sentinel processing: Demo and case North Sea water quality - Stierman, Eleveld

DSD-INT 2017 Data acquisition possibilities using drones - Noorlandt - Austen

DSD-INT 2017 Global sandy shoreline dynamics derived from satellite imagery - Hagenaars

DSD-INT 2017 Workshop data services for chemistry and biology - Santinelli

Symposium on catchment hydrology and WFlow - Tuesday 24 October

DSD-INT 2017 Global modelling of hydrology and water resources: current state, trends and challenges - Bierkens

DSD-INT 2017 WFlow - MODFLOW and Reservoirs - Van Verseveld

DSD-INT 2017 Introduction to the WFlow framework - Schellekens

DSD-INT 2017 The use of additional sources of data for hydrological modelling in the Meuse basin - Bouaziz

DSD-INT 2017 Pre-processing of forcing data for usage in a gridded model of the Rhine - Van Osnabrugge

DSD-INT 2017 Application of the SPHY model for the Ganga basin and integration in WFlow / Delft-FEWS - Lutz

DSD-INT 2017 Integrating the LINTUL point-based crop growth model into WFlow for the G4Indo project - De Vries

DSD-INT 2017 WFlow - Delft-FEWS coupling - Hegnauer

DSD-INT 2017 State updating using OpenDA and WFlow - Weerts