Boussinesqweg 1
(Rotterdamseweg 185, former name)
2629 HV Delft
tel +31 (0)88 335 8188


Deltares is easy to reach using the public transportation. We recommend using the options that public transportation offers: train, bus or even bike (bike rental at Delft train station).

A route description to Deltares can be downloaded here. If you are interested in the free shuttle bus transfer service, see below.

Car: There will be parking spaces reserved for guests of the Delft Software Days. Please be aware that the number of parking places at Deltares campus is limited.


To help you find a place to stay, we have made a selection of available hotels in Delft based on quality and location, see list below.

Transport from your hotel to Deltares and v.v.
We provide daily free shuttle bus transfers from these hotels to Deltares in the morning and back at the end of the day. See below for more information.

WestCord Hotel Delft
Olof Palmestraat 2
2616 LM Delft
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)15 88 89 011

Shuttle bus stop.

Hampshire Hotel Delft Centre
Koepoortplaats 3
2612 RR Delft
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)15 212 21 25

Shuttle bus stop.

Free Shuttle Bus Transfer Service

We provide a free shuttle bus transfer on a daily basis. It will bring you to Deltares in the morning and back at the end of the day (see departure times below). The bus stops are at the WestCord Hotel Delft and the Hampshire Hotel Delft Centre. If you are in a different hotel you can also make use of the bus transfer service by using 1 of the 2 shuttle bus stops (they will stop in front of the hotel).

To make sure you have a seat, please indicate ultimately 1 week before the start of the DSD if you want to make use of this service (see instructions below). If your plans change, don't forget to change your options for the Bus transfer too!

How to apply for a seat on the bus:
  • Click on the <Bus Transfer> button at the top menu of each page (you must be signed in to see this button)
  • Choose the days you would like to make use of the free shuttle bus
  • Click the <submit> button

Departure from Hampshire Hotel - Delft Centre daily at 08.00 and WestCord Hotel daily at 08.15 h CET.
Arrival at Deltares: (approx.) 08:30 h.

Departure from Deltares: 18:15 h
Arrival at Delft Centre: 18:30 h