Welcome at the 100% online DSD-INT 2020!

The world is currently experiencing a huge digital transformation. Our simulation products, such as Delft3D FM Suite, D-GEO Suite, iMOD Suite, RTC-Tools, WANDA, wflow and XBeach, our 24/7 operational platform Delft-FEWS, our BlueEarth Data portal and data science services are more important than ever, as they keep the user community at the forefront of innovation in unprecedented times.

Join us online to exchange your software experiences and engage in excellent networking opportunities. In October - December, we will offer an online programme filled with interactive workshops, symposia, user meetings and courses.

All workshops, symposia, user meetings and break-out sessions are free of charge.


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Webinar recording "Keynote - Beyond the Forecast" of Delft-FEWS International User Days 2020 (Day 3) is now available. See the Webinar page!

Delft3D FM - Coastal Hydrodynamic Modelling Course: a blended educational experience, thus both self-paced modules and instructor led sessions Read more

SNEAK PEEK: International beginners course D-Stability: live broadcasted in 22 countries! Read more

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Highlighted events

DANUBIUS-RI Modelling Node Webinar

The DANUBIUS-RI initiative aims to establish a distributed, pan-European Environmental Research Infrastructure for advanced studies on River-Sea Systems. Its mission includes facilitating excellent science on… Read more

Digital twins for pipeline systems - focus on MENA region

Digital twins are used more often in the digital world. Also, in the field of operation of pipeline systems they can be a very useful… Read more

Understanding Health issues related to water systems - focus on MENA region

Water quality has been greatly improved through licensing, enforcement, source control and treatment. Traditional water quality problems such as oxygen depletion, bacterial contamination and eutrophication… Read more

Short course in Probabilistic Forecasting

Many hydrologic forecasting agencies are moving towards probabilistic forecasting for the purpose of estimating predictive hydrologic uncertainties. These estimates are often based on ensemble techniques… Read more

Delft-FEWS - Water Quality Configuration Course

In the Delft-FEWS - Water Quality Configuration Course more advanced features of Delft-FEWS configuration will be explained based on several hands-on exercises and short lectures… Read more

EcoShape - Taking the stage in Building with Nature

Building with Nature requires integration of system knowledge and specific technology. Large-scale system analysis and understanding of the driving processes, both physical & ecological, and… Read more

XBeach - Basic Course - Morphodynamic Modelling during Storm Conditions

XBeach is an open-source software package developed jointly by IHE Delft Institute for Water Education, Delft University of Technology and Deltares. It can compute the… Read more

Delft3D User Days - 3D Water Quality

Recent developments in the Delft3D FM Suite have enabled the design of more and more efficient hydrodynamic models, extending from rivers, lakes, estuaries, the coastal… Read more

Delft3D User Days - HABITAT - Environmental impact analysis

HABITAT is spatial analysis tool to support the development of management plans. The tool is especially designed for ecological assessments to analyse the… Read more

Delft3D User Days - Upcoming Delft3D FM Suite 2021 release

Join us, during our 90 minutes live webinar where we will showcase some of the latest features in the Delft3D FM Suite 2021.

This release*… Read more

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