Delft Software Days 2020 - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can users see the recordings afterwards in case of Microsoft Teams?

Please check the information page of each event to find out if it will be recorded or not. Workshops and breakout sessions will not be recorded.

Are all our events online?

Yes, Delft Software Days - Edition 2020 (DSD-INT 2020) will be held completely online.

When will the sessions begin?

We will open the session 10 minutes before the start of the webinar. Please check in early to test your audio and video.

How can I join a webinar without installing an application?

  • For webinars, you can use the instant-join option for GoToWebinar

    If you add the following code to the end of your webinar attendee join links it will force you to join using the Instant Join app: ?clientType=html5

    So your join link will end up looking like:

    We recommend to use the web browser: Google Chrome.

  • For MS-Teams events, the event invitation can also be opened in the browser.

Will refreshments be provided?

Sorry, we will not be shipping drinks to your homes. This is a "Bring Your Own Drinks" event.

I have issues with hearing a webinar.

  • For pre-recorded videos in GoToWebinar, the speakers settings on your device might conflict with the Audio settings in GoToWebinar. Please open the control panel “Sound” on your device and select the speakers you would like to use.

  • For BlueTooth headset and GoToWebinar, the following webpage can help you solve this issue by adjusting your volume.

What are the system requirements?

  • For the system requirements for the conferencing tools, please check the event webpage.
  • The System Requirements and Installation Instructions for Deltares Software used in courses and workshops will be sent out with invitations to these events.

What is the time-zone for the events?

Most events will be held in the Central European Time zone (CET (Delft time, UTC+1)). Specific events will also be held at other time-zones, which will be mentioned at the event page.

How do I register?

If use "sign in" (top right corner) using your MyDeltares account.

If you already have either a DSD or OSS account and no MyDeltares account yet, then click on the link Forgot Password? to setup your MyDeltares account including a new password. Once you have completed the password reset you can login.

After the MyDeltares registration or signing in, it will be possible for you to register for individual 2020 events, get a personal overview (My schedule), make changes in your schedule, profile etc.

You will receive an email confirmation from GoToWebinar with further instructions. Note that you can easily attend the session from anywhere, anytime using a compatible computer or mobile device. For more details, please visit the GoToWebinar website for the GoToWebinar System Requirements.

If you come across any problems with the registration, please contact our team at