Delft3D FM - River Modelling Course

Delft3D FM - River Modelling Course
09 nov

Delft3D FM - River Modelling Course

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09 nov 2023 - 10 nov 2023 09:00 - 17:00 (GMT+1)
Course (on-premises)

€ 1199 (exclusief 21% BTW)
Kamer : Paviljoen 2 - Gebouw : Paviljoen

This river modelling course is intended for Delft3D Flexible Mesh (Delft3D FM) users. Delft3D FM is the next generation simulation software package for evaluating and forecasting hydrodynamic and morphodynamic changes. It is the successor of Delft3D 4 and SOBEK. During this two-day course, we will address key functionalities such as: 1D-2D river hydrodynamics and 2D river morphodynamics.


Course background

This course focuses on hydrodynamic modelling of a 1D river with 2D modelling of floodplains and 2D morpdodynamic modelling. Following a stretch of the Dutch river Waal, we will cover the basic functionalities required in consulting projects, using the D-Flow Flexible Mesh.

You will learn the basic concepts for understanding and working with hydrodynamic and morphodynamic river models. You will learn how to set-up and work with a 1D-2D Flexible Mesh model and with a 2D morphodynamic model. An overview of additional functionality will be given, and you will be able to discuss your particular interest and modelling questions. At the end of this intensive course, you have made your own model and applied the advanced functionality of Delft3D FM, which you can use for future reference in your projects.




Session 1: Hydrodynamic theory

  • introduction to theory and software

Session 2: 1D-2D hydrodynamic modelling

  • Morphodynamic theory
  • 2D hydrodynamic and morphodynamic modelling



Experience with river hydrodynamics and modelling is recommended.

The use of Windows is required for the Delft3D courses. For the Technical Specifications of the Delft3D FM Suite, click here.


Course dates and location

9 and 10, November 2023, from 09.00 - 17.00 CET (GMT+1), at Deltares in Delft.


Course leaders W. (Willem) Ottevanger, Ir. A. (Anke) Becker, V. (Victor) Chavarrias, Ir. A. (Anna) Kosters and dr. T. (Tjitske) Geertsema, Deltares



The registration fee for this course is € 1.199,- excluding VAT.
50% discount for lecturers at centers of education. To qualify for the discount, please contact Deltares Academy.







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