Fast compound flood modelling - Training

Fast compound flood modelling - Training
15 nov

Fast compound flood modelling - Training

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15 nov 2023 09:00 - 14:00 (GMT+01:00)
Course (on-premises)

€ 250 (exclusief 21% BTW)
Kamer : Innovation - Gebouw : Toren

Compound flooding during extreme events can result in tremendous amounts of property damage and loss of life. Early warning systems and multi-hazard risk analysis can reduce these impacts.  However, traditional approaches either do not involve relevant physics or are too computationally expensive to do so for large stretches of coastline. SFINCS (Super-Fast Inundation of CoastS) is a new reduced-complexity engine recently developed by Deltares that is capable of simulating compound flooding including a high computational efficiency balanced with good accuracy. This engine will become available as a new module of the Delft3D Suite in due time. It's an additional flavor for fast quickscan computations of compound flooding. The new model can also be deployed to provide large-scale flooding estimates in the Delft-FEWS early warning system.


In this course, attendees will be able to retrieve theoretical and practical knowledge. Attendees will get an overview of applications where the high computational speed is essential and understand the background of the formulations needed to simulate compound flooding. Moreover, attendees will know what the input and output look like, how this can be used to answer practical questions in research/consultancy, and how to create a model from scratch to simulate compound flooding. 


This course is aimed at project engineers, researchers, PhD students with a basic background in programming (e.g. Matlab / Python / Fortran) and modeling.  For more information, see the online manual ( or journal publication (







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