The venue for the on-premise sessions of the DSD-INT 2022 is the Deltares campus in Delft, Boussinesqweg 1.

The hotels enjoy convenient locations in the city of Delft. The city is a popular tourist destination in the Netherlands. Historically, Delft played a highly influential role in the Dutch Golden Age. Delft is famous for its historical connections with the reigning House of Orange-Nassau, for its blue pottery, for being home to the painter Jan Vermeer, and for hosting Delft University of Technology, IHE Delft Institute for Water Education and Deltares.


Deltares Delft

Boussinesqweg 1, Online / Delft
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Buildings of : Deltares Delft


Hotel - Hampshire

Koepoortplaats 3, Delft
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Restaurant - De Waag

Markt 11, Delft
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