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Flood Impact assessment with Delft-FIAT - Friday
06 Oct

Flood Impact assessment with Delft-FIAT - Friday

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06 Oct 2023 08:30 - 17:00 (EAT)
Course (on-premises)

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Room : Room - A

When it comes to floods, decision-makers have tough choices to make. Which interventions should they invest in, and when? How long will those interventions maintain a certain level of service for the community? Which intervention should have priority? Are interventions impacting different sectors of the community equitably? Delft-Fiat is a fast, flexible, Python-based tool to rapidly assess direct economic impacts to buildings, utilities, and roads.

Caption: FIAT combines flood mapping created using software such as Delft3D with open-source information about exposed assets, such as from OpenStreetMap, to quantify damage and risk.



In this workshop, we will discuss the basic principles of flood impact assessment and how the Delft-FIAT tool can be used to quantify long-term impact characteristics.

Upon completion of the 1-day course the participants shall be able to:

  1. Describe the principles of risk and impact and methods for quantifying them.
  2. Identify data requirements for risk and impact quantification.
  3. Apply the Delft-FIAT tool to quantify flood impacts.

Prior knowledge/skills:

Participants are expected to have prior knowledge of spreadsheets (Excel) and GIS software (ArcGIS or QGIS). Prior knowledge of the Python Programming language is an advantage.