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Course Groundwater modelling using iMOD Suite (Offered twice, 1st time)
23 Feb

Course Groundwater modelling using iMOD Suite (Offered twice, 1st time)

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23 Feb 2023 09:00 - 17:00 (GMT+08:00)
Course (on-premises)

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Room : Room - Basil

In this 1-day in-person course (conducted twice), we will discuss the basic principles of groundwater modelling using iMOD Suite. The iMOD Suite provides tools to efficiently build and visualize groundwater models.

Deltares is working to integrate and improve our groundwater software. Therefore, iMOD is extended with a new iMOD Suite to link to the latest developments on the MODFLOW and on the changing requirements in the field of groundwater modelling, most pressing currently the support of unstructured grids.

We created the new iMOD Suite to aid pre- and post-processing unstructured groundwater models. Furthermore, a second goal of this suite was to better connect to the latest developments in the data science ecosystem, by utilizing:

  • Existing data format conventions (NetCDF, UGRID) instead of developing new ones, allowing more user flexibility to find the right tools for the right job.
  • Widely used and tested software (QGIS) to which we add our extension, instead of creating complete programs ourselves.
  • Modern programming languages (C++ and Python) that allow connecting to a big and lively software ecosystem.

The iMOD Suite offers different modules which support modelling with MODFLOW 6 (including unstructured meshes):

  1. iMOD Viewer: The iMOD Viewer consist of a standalone 3D viewer and a QGIS plugin. The iMOD QGIS Plugin QGIS plugin allows visualisation of model input and output with tools for cross-sections, timeseries and link to the 3D viewer. It supports structured NetCDF, UGRID and IPF files. And the iMOD 3D Viewer for interactive 3D visualisation of unstructured input and output. Supports UGRID file format and IPF borelog files.
  2. iMOD Python: A Python package to support MODFLOW groundwater modelling. It makes it easy to go from your raw data to a fully defined MODFLOW model, with the aim to make this workflow reproducible.
  3. iMOD Coupler: Software that couples MODFLOW 6 to other computational cores. It currently supports a coupling to MetaSWAP, but additional computational cores are planned in the future.


Aim of the course
In this Tutorial you will learn the basics of iMOD Suite, this includes QGIS and the IMOD Plugin, iMOD Python and the iMOD 3D viewer. Therefore, we load and analyze a few file types. The files describe geohydrologic datasets for an area in the town of Abbeyfeale, Ireland. For this area we will develop a simple groundwater model using Python. Therefore, we will start a command prompt for Python. From that command prompt you will run 7 prepared Python scripts. Each script handles a single step in the MODFLOW 6 modelling process: the preprocessing of basic data, the creation of MODFLOW 6 input files, running of the MODFLOW 6 model and analyzing the results. The files created with each step will be analyzed in QGIS.

For this course:

  • Participants must bring their own laptop and mouse.
  • Deltares will prepare stand-alone installers for Python and QGIS and will share it with the participants ahead of the training. For the installation of QGIS and the iMOD 3D Viewer you need administrator rights on your device. In case you do not have sufficient rights for installation, please ask your IT department to install the software ahead of the training dates.

Course leader
Ali Meshgi, Deltares


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